Riders Cycle Centre cycle repair, service and consultancy. 

My expertise is here to help all. Purchasing new parts or upgrading your old components can be a bit tricky if you are not familiar with whats on offer so everyone may need a little expert help or advice. From choosing the right size inner tube to upgrading your DI2 system firmware, here at Riders Cycle Centre we treat everyone equal regardless of your cycling knowledge or bike. 


Hello. My name is Stuart Rider. Born 25/03/72. I moved from Hertfordshire to Yorkshire in 2005. I opened RCC in 2012. Its been an amazing experience to be able to build my cycle repair business. Thank you for taking the time to visit my web site and I hope to see you sometime soon.



  • RCC offers a free “bike health check” for 12 months of the year.
  • We don’t advertise free advice because we have never charged for giving advice.
  • Low overheads and one staff member means cheaper labour rates.
  • 29 years and counting of cycle service experience. Now that’s priceless.
  • Your mechanic (that’s me) commutes every day, races at weekends, rides multi day rides and adventures. He rides 26″ 650b, 29er adventure bikes, Cycle Cross and road. I train, tour, beast myself and ride for smiles. #iambike I even Zwift, turbo and roller. I don’t like getting wet though.
  • We offer you special pre race, event or Sportive bike and equipment checks. This is not a service but a bike system check. £25 (degrease chain, cassette, cranks. True wheels, clean and refine your brakes plus a spit and polish service).
  • We service your bike. You are part of that. I don’t put you into a bronze, silver or gold bracket. I service your bike to your requirements. 
  • I don’t do in-shop bike or parts retail so my advice is impartial and not “buy it because it’s on my shelf”. I only recommend what I have used, worn out and ridden in Yorkshire. 
  • I am able to order parts for you. Modern delivery methods often result in 24hr delivery. I have accounts with all the major bike component distributors.
  • Expect a friendly chatty mechanic. I’m glad you have come to my workshop. You will be offered a brew but bring biscuits. 
  • The bike business is changing everyday. I embrace that. We all use the internet. Allow me to make that online purchase on your behalf or help you get the best deals. Think of me as your bike broker. 
  • I live bike so much so that Rocky Mountain Bicycles asked me to be a brand ambassador. 
  • RCC is my business and my passion so my reputation is all that matters. This will reflect in my service to you. 

Please feel free to pop by the workshop. We have FREE on site parking. You can also give me a call on the workshop number 01756 796844. I do run a diary booking system but I also am able to squeeze in last-minute repairs or adjustments. We wouldn’t want a loose headset to spoil a weekend ride.