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2015 dates, prices and booking now online

Please contact Stuart at Riders Cycle Centre for more info 

Email riderscyclecentre@live.co.uk or on the phone 01756 796844

Lets see if I can answer a few questions for you.


Bike packing requires some specialist equipment but our introduction to Bike Packing includes the most important bits of equipment included in the price. Harnesses to carry your kit. A quality sleeping mat and breathable bivvy bag. A selection of ready meal and the stove and gas to cook it with. A first aid kit and emergency blanket will also be supplied. All you need is your bike and a sleeping bag and the spares that you carry with you on your regular mtb rides.

A beautiful scenic route through the Dales will be guided  by Stuart. With expert knowledge you will ride the best trails but at a steady, social pace. This is not a race. Stuart is also a pro mechanic and a dab hand at riding a bike so expect some tech talk and a bit of coaching thrown in. Fixing your puncture might cost extra though.

Cafes and local stores will keep you supplied with chocolate and fluids. We might even pop into a local pub before bed time. 

Remember we are in the Yorkshire Dales. We have hills and lots of them so expect some climbing as well as technical terrain and variable weather so I don’t need to tell you that bike handling skills and a reasonable amount of fitness will help make your trip that bit more enjoyable. 


023Your weekend on your bike is about having fun but your safety is important. A route map will be provided and emergency contact numbers shared. HQ will be updated on our progress and medical and emergency equipment will be carried by everyone. 



tom hill bike packingClick on the photo of Tom and read about his winter wonderland Bike Packing trip with RCC.

“Stuart Rider (has there ever been a more appropriate name for someone in the bike trade?), owner of Riders Cycle Centre had planned out a two-day-with-a-bivvy-in-the-middle ride, that he was planning on guiding clients on later in the year”.

“Rob, who I met, and rode with on the Cairngorms Loop travelled up to join us. Reprising a Cairngorms Loop foursome, including Jenn and Stu”.

“Thanks to Jenn, Rob, Simon and Stu for the great company. Biggest thanks to Stuart for organising, and planning the ride. He is a fully qualified guide, and can take clients on this trip, or one tailored specifically for you – longer, shorter, road or off road”.


“A great weekend with Stu. Got together with my ridding buddies and set off for a weekend on the bikes. It was made so more enjoyable as Stu had the bike packing equipment to help us carry are sleeping kit and spares. A great route with expert trail knowledge. I will remember to take my hip flask next year hey Stu 🙂 So recommended and something I will do again”


Now I have wet your appetite, Click on the link and reserve a place. Call your riding buddies and arrange a weekend adventure. Bike Packing. The best 24hrs you can have in the saddle and Dales.

Yorkshire Dales Bike Packing booking page.

Once you have reserved your place you will be sent an email to confirm you booking enquiry. A £50 deposit will secure your place. This is payable via PayPal or BASC. Please note that all deposits are non refundable and guarantee you a place on the course / expedition unless the course is already full, or in the case of us cancelling a course we will always try to give you at least 30 days notice and refund your deposit in full.

Grab a brew and take a look at some DIY vids from some recent bike packing rides from 2014.