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10440793_10152327153281492_4675600302170358250_nRound one and round two of the YCCA Summer series are in the basket. 30th and 29th in a mixed field of Yorkshires finest exponents of the art that is CYCLOCROSS. Missed round 3 but round four at a new venue brought together another BIG field (160 riders) for a warm blast round a great course. Well done to all who arranged, run and participated.

With the top 30 gridded up front I squeezed into a tightly packed second row. Thank you to the gentleman who allowed me to move ahead of him (my sprinting prowess is growing). With a blast of the whistle we charged through the park. Tally Ho, charge of the the Light Brigade stuff.

It’s simple. We race for approx 45 to 50 mins. We battle with each other. We carefully flow between back markers. We adapt to the changing conditions lap after lap and we ignore the burn. We sprint out of the corners and drive down the straights. We search for grip on the wet slippery corners and preempt our gear changes and dismounts.


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Another fantastic evening racing bikes. A job well done by all. Great to see the fast guys encouraging the slower riders, urging on the lapped racers and supporting the newcomers. Heartening to see congratulatory handshakes between rivals and the respect shown from private battles within the race.

Round 5 awaits.