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Always ready and willing to take on something new. 

How much fun can you have on your bike?.

You can strap a boat to it and double the fun.

The great guys from Back Country Biking helped me with the purchase of an Alpaca Pack Raft, paddle and buoyancy  aid and with my new bike itching to go out and about I strapped everything aboard her with my Wildcat gear and headed off a few miles along quiet country roads and to Burnsall, the start of my 1st pack raft trip.

A quick brew and I found a quiet spot to blow up the boat and tie down the bike to her bow. A few photos and bit of fettling and I hopped aboard and headed downstream.

Now I know this stretch of the River Wharfe can be a bit rough but with confidence brimming and with commitment I headed into some gentle white waters and came out the other side alive if not a little wet. Gentle waters allowed me to float downstream and enjoy the new views and aspects. The soft breeze swung me around 360 degrees, my own panorama.

IMG_5031The noise coming from down stream seamed louder and rougher, enough to have me heading towards the bank. The boat was moored and I took a wonder to see what lay ahead. The water falls ahead looked wonderful and something not to be attempted. I headed back to the boat and headed across to the opposite band and carried the boat to a safer location further down river. The gentle breeze soon began to blow stronger and the wind was starting to drag me back. My micro adventure wanted me home by dark and as I approached Barden Bridge I decided to decamp, make for shore and ready myself for a ride home. I quickly deflated the boat, unfolded the paddles and strapped everything to my Jones. I was soon heading back toward Haworth and home. My 1st adventure with bike and boat. Such fun 🙂 https://www.strava.com/activities/264386505