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Jones Diamond frame. Ti Truss fork. 710 Jones H bar. SRAM 1×11 gearing Jones front hub. Flow rims. Ardent tubeless. Shimano Saint brakes. Thompson seat post. Crank Bro Stem. 

Riders Real Ride Reviews makes a welcomed return. My new ride for 2015. A bike built for purpose. To rail the trail and to be my mule.

I wanted a bike to complement my riding. To help me run my Bike Packing courses and events. With appreciated advice from those that know I placed a Christmas order. Surfed the World Wide Web for parts. Watched a few online videos and hey presto. She lives.

1st impressions. She looks gorgeous in her own individual way. A real red pill bike. Not to everyones liking but I’m not a sheep. Beautiful paintjob and a stunning fork. Wheels built by my own fair hand and some new tech to try out. 

The old pick her up, sway her about weight check. Feels acceptable. Felt lighter than I was expecting. Well balanced and she weighed a tad over 26 lbs on the scales.

Car park test. I knew I was buying into an original bike feel and as I have been riding my slammed CX bike for the last month day after day I also knew I would need to get used to a new feel but, boy it feels short, upright and lounge like. I kept reaching for the bend in the handlebar for that straight flat back feel. Give me and her time and miles. The well publicised feel will come.

Tarmac ride home test. The upright feel feels a little less upright by the time I got home (12 mile road ride). The pads are breaking in (pardon the pun) and the rear Ardent tyre drags a little on the road. My gluts have developed the burn by the time I reach the front door. Maybe thats due to the more upright riding position.

How does she look whilst in the living room test. That glossy red frame and sparkling new kit looks fantastic. The truss fork shouts out, look at me. I’m made of Titanium. I spent more time looking over her than watching the evenings TV entertainment.

The 1st off road test. It was only a short 10 mile ride but full of testing terrain. Steep climbs, fast rocky downhill and a few cobbled back streets through Keighley. Climbing up some steep power climbs found me changing hand positions. I adapted my body position and she felt good. TICK. Fast rocky descent was a blast. The front end being rigid felt awesome. I’m used to riding rigid on my old 29er (god rest her soul) but the truss fork is something to behold. Tracked well. Felt responsive through to the bars but also felt soft on impacts. TICK. Brake pads biting well. Single finger braking as it should be. TICK. Precise shifting with a positive click to each push of the paddle. TICK. There are a few thing to change. Tyre pressure too hard. Cables rattling against the handlebar and the brake levers need to point a bit further southwards.  Almost forgot to mention. For a 29er the front end is easy to pop up for that off the curb huck.

What’s next test. Need to find a space between the storms to strap the kit on her and take her out for a days ride. Find a name for her (Indiana is top of the list at the moment). Apply liberal amounts of Heli tape to protect that glorious paint work and photograph her for the www.yorkshiredalesbikepacking.com web page.

More from the Jones Riders Real Rides reviews soon.