01756 796844. Gate 3. Sidings Business Park Skipton. N Yorkshire BD231TB riderscyclecentre@live.co.uk

Established in 2012. Riders Cycle Centre. A dedicated cycle repair shop.

Reminisce back to the days before internet shopping and keyboard experts, before the multi floor emporiums of delight.

The back street bike repair man. The old pro happy to chat and advice. Happy to talk about bikes and your two wheeled adventures. The welcoming shop that tries to be a business but always wants to ride. The shop that talks the talk but also walks the walk.

Riders Cycle Centre. Skipton. North Yorkshire. A dedicated cycle repair shop. We repair and service. We advice and support. We offer impartial advice and only recommend what we use. We ride our bike, road, trail, tarmac and gravel. We race and we tour. We ride local and far afield. Slice me open and I’ll bleed chain oil.

31 years and counting. 31 years of knowledge at your disposal. 31 years working, growing and promoting our sport.

The door is always open. The kettle is always on. The banter is good and the service is second to none 


A big thank you to Deryck.  http://www.modesto.works/  Vimeo site link

Watching this short film and listening to me ramble brought a tear to my eye. To see my small business grow and be successful is something I treasure every day. Thank you Deryck.