The 2020 Yorkshire Dales 200 and 300

 8am Saturday the 1st and 2nd of August

 @Riders Cycle Centre Bicycle Workshop


Event ticket admission is now available for the 2020 Yorkshire Dales 300 or 200 ITT event.

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13/10/2019 Yorkshire Dales 200 &300 update.


The YD200 for 2020 will be a 200-mile road event within the stunning Yorkshire Dales. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE DRAFT ROUTE


This epic road ride can either be an exhausting non-stop effort or a more relaxed if 17,000ft of climbing can be called relaxed, two-day effort. Bike pack your ride or plan a B&B. I’ll leave that up to you. The route takes in many classic Dales climbs, views and vistas and passes through some beautiful villages, tourist attractions and resupply points.


For those who require a little more info please scan the rest of this webpage. The YD200 2020 ride will be a road ride. Your weapon of choice is your choice but I would recommend a road bike. A gravel bike is cool and a 29er Mtb will suffice but best done with some slicks. Grab some frame bags from Wildcat because your gonna wanna carry some fuel and spare kit with you.
If you didn’t know already, the YD300 2020 will be the MTB 300km ride. The same route as 2018. Keep up to date with any future news by joining the YD Facebook page


The Yorkshire Dales 300 and 200 Individual Time Trial is back for 2020

Next year I will hold both rides on the same weekend. The YD300 Mtb ride ride will be on the same route as 2018 event.

Click here for YD300 route download

The YD200 route will change every year and the two-wheeled mode of transport will also change to entice both MTB riders, gravel bike and road riders.

The 2020 YD200 will be a road route. A 200 mile road adventure.

Click here for the YD200 route download

Please join the Yorkshire Dales 300 and 200 Facebook page. Click here. Cheers.

 Some points of interest and info that may answer some questions.

  • It’s either 300 Mtb kilometres or 200 road miles
  • It is an individual time trial. NOT A RACE
  • The group start sets off at 8 am on a Saturday morning
  • I will provide a breakfast spread for you all and some hot food on your return
  • I’m not your mum and I do not hold hands. Be prepared, look after yourself and be self-sufficient on your ride
  • I will man HQ throughout the duration of the event to welcome you back and to console the bailers
  • There is space on the workshop floor for any Friday night arrivals or partygoers
  • I own a bike workshop so faffing is encouraged and rewarded
  • Expect to enter the hurt locker more than once
  • Remember my hashtag #smilesandmiles
  • Be nice on the trail. Don’t be a dick. Respect everyone and everything. Lock gates behind you and don’t litter.
  • Tell everyone how great I am and how the YD event has changed your life for the better.

An ITT like the YD300 and 200 have always tried to adhere to the self-supported philosophy. Please click on this link and acquaint yourself with the written rules.