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The 2021 Yorkshire Dales 300 & 200

 Saturday, July 31st 

Both ITT rides commence at 08.00 am

To enter the 2021 YD event please click here for the Eventbrite ticket page


The YD200 for 2021 will be a 200-mile road event within the stunning Yorkshire Dales.

This epic road ride can either be an exhausting non-stop effort or a more relaxed two-day effort. Bike pack your ride or plan a B&B. I’ll leave that up to you. The route takes in many classic Dales climbs, views and vistas and passes through some beautiful villages, tourist attractions and resupply points.


The YD300 ITT ride is the same tried and tested route. A real challenge where only the strongest survive. Be prepared, plan your re-supply stops and conserve your energy.


186 tough Dales miles. 6920 meters of climbing. Scenic trails and rugged terrain. Amazing vistas and iconic scenery. This bike packing route is a classic. A ride to test the best. A non-stop epic. A two-day challenge or a simple weekend out on your bike. 


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 Some points of interest and info that may answer some questions.

Needless to say, the YD 2021 event is subject to change. We all hope Covid has pissed off by then and we can all have some unrestricted fun.

  • The YD300 route is best done on an MTB or very carefully on a Gravel bike. Mixed trails. Multi-surface and can be a very tough ride. 300km or 186 miles and 6920 meters of climbing
  • The YD200 is a road ride. Simple. Long and challenging. 329 km or 204 miles and 5218 meters of climbing
  • Click on the desired route link and you will be sent to the route download page. Save the file and upload to your preferred device
  • PLEASE be prepared. Have a plan A, B, C and even a D
  • It is an individual time trial. NOT A RACE
  • Sign on before the 08.00 AM start
  • There will be a breakfast spread available before the start and some hot food on your return.
  • I’m not your mum and I do not hold hands. Be prepared, look after yourself and be self-sufficient on your ride
  • I will man HQ throughout the duration of the event to welcome you back and to console the bailers
  • Even though I don’t ride the event it’s a tough weekend for me. No sleep and looking after you all can be a bit tough so I will be closing the doors at 8 PM on Sunday.
  • Expect to enter the hurt locker more than once
  • Remember my hashtag #smilesandmiles
  • Be nice on the trail. Don’t be a dick. Respect everyone and everything. Lock gates behind you and don’t litter
  • If you are new to this game and just want some basic info as to whether the YD is for you then please call me at HQ 01756796844

An ITT like the YD300 and 200 have always tried to adhere to the self-supported philosophy.

Please click on this link and acquaint yourself with the written rules.